All images were shot in the abandoned Santa Fe Penitentiary.











Handmade book featuring these images.


The Santa Fe Penitentiary was abandoned in 1990 when the new one was built. In 1980, one of the worst prison riots in US history occurred here. For more info try: Wikipedia, Ghost Hunters. One of the halls burned and was left vacant since then. Two of these photos were shot there. After its closing, movies used it as a location for filming, the National Guard used it for training purposes (which left paintball spatters and posters of “terrorists” in the halls and rooms), and others like me were able to have free reign and photograph inside. It was hard to distinguish what marks and scrawlings were left by inmates and which were left by movies, security officers, artists, or vandals.

I have been informed that the National Guard has fully taken this place over and civilians no longer can schedule tours inside.

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