A Transformation of Flesh

In this work, my models are transformed by covering them in many layers of paint, allowing it to dry and crack. The images are of sections of the body where identity can be obscured. The detail of the cracked paint combines with the shape of the body to create something harshly foreign, yet still reminiscent of a human form.

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One thought on “A Transformation of Flesh

  1. Helen, I think this is amazing. For the past few years I have been on a transformative mission of my own. Dealing, artistically, with the aging process, physically, emotionally, and such…I know what you are doing is not dealing with this, but I can’t get it out of my mind looking at these. As we grow older our bodies continue to evolve into what society says is no longer viable or beautiful, but I see it differently. Working on my 12th tattoo as well. This work is powerful. If you are ever in Arkansas again I would love to talk with you. Awesome!

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